TK15 1.96″ ECG Bluetooth Call Bracelet Pedometer Sports Watch + Heart Rate Temperature Monitoring, Steel Strap

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TK15 1.96″ ECG Bluetooth Call Smart Bracelet Pedometer Sports Watch with Heart Rate Temperature Monitoring, Steel Strap
  • Blood glucose/uric acid/lipid health study risk alert 
  • ECG function. Body Fat Measurements 
  • Bluetooth calls, smart voice assistants 
  • 24-hour continuous ambulatory heart rate monitoring (with live monitoring), body temperature monitoring, stress testing, independent accurate blood oxygen, blood pressure monitoring, and other health monitoring functions 
  • 1.96-inch high resolution 320 x 386 screen 
  • App multi-dial market and custom dials


Hardware Information
Product model TK15
Product size 265 x 46 x 11.6mm
CPU Realtek 8762D
Gravity sensor ST8321
ECG chip VC8808
Heart rate sensor VP60A2 heart rate (dynamic and accurate dual PD continuous heart rate collection)
BT Bluetooth LE 5.1
LCD 1.96-inch IPS screen 320*386 TFT
TP Full-screen touch control, mobile app control
Motor Support
Charging mode magnetic charging
Waterproof IP67 waterproof
Battery capacity 250mAh polymer battery
Software Function
Bluetooth call Support
ECG Support
temperature monitoring Support
Body fat detection Support
Blood glucose health study Support
Blood Lipid Health Study Support
Uric acid health study Support
Health monitoring 24-hour continuous dynamic heart rate monitoring (with in vivo detection function), blood pressure monitoring, accurate independent blood oxygen monitoring, pressure measurement, and body fat measurement.
Sleep monitoring Support
Brightness Adjustment Stopwatch, countdown, step counting, calories, distance, sleep monitoring, exercise mode, incoming call reminder, alarm clock reminder, sedentary reminder, raising a hand to light up the screen, social sharing (WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter), etc. Shake and take photos, remind you to drink water, remind you to take medicine, remind you of hyperthermia, women’s health, access to the WeChat campaign, and for Apple Health.
Multi-sport mode Exercise recording, multiple exercise modes (pedometer, calorie burning, mileage, and display of exercise trends per time period)
Message notification Call, SMS, Email, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat, Line, Kakao Talk, Viber, Skype, Telegram
Remote care Support
Call rejection Support
Dial selection App multiple dial options, Custom dial
Remote control music Control the mobile phone player to pause the previous song and the next song, and connect the APP to play music on the watch.
APP DeepFit
OTA upgrade Support
Accessibility Find the phone, find the bracelet, dial switch
Message Push Language Watch languages: Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish and Polish.
Message Push Language APP languages: Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Croatian, Slovenian and Polish.
APP System Android 4.4 and above; iOS 9.0 and above
Mõõtmed 17.3 × 9.8 × 3.4 mm


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