BulkSourcing R21 1.45” TFT puute Screen nutikell 100+ Sport Activity Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Answer Calls – Tarnish

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BulkSourcing R21 1.45” TFT Touch Screen Smart Watch 100+ Sport Activity Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Answer Calls – Tarnish
  • This sports watch uses a 1.45-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 412*412 and excellent HD quality. The full touch screen technology is easy and fast to use
  • Supports the voice assistants of mainstream mobile phones on the market. You don’t need to take out your mobile phone when connected to Bluetooth. Long press the voice assistant function on the watch to easily issue commands
  • Free your hands, equipped with powerful 5.3 + 3.0 and professional communication chips, read news, answer calls, the smartwatch can do it all, and easily stay online
  • Support 100+ sports modes, including running, walking, cycling, hiking, yoga, basketball, soccer, badminton, treadmills and dynamic cycling etc.
  • Supports 24 / 7 heart rate monitoring, helps you better understand your health condition
  • Sleep monitoring automatically evaluates your sleep quality according to different stages of sleep, so you can lead a healthier life
  • With its IP67 (life waterproof) waterproof rating, whether you wash your hands, or encounter sudden rain you can wear the smartwatch without worrying about the watch being damaged


Product Model R21
Dial Size 1.45-inch TFT round screen
Watch Material Zinc alloy + IML
Main Chip AC7012/A6S
Bluetooth 5.3+3.0, dual-core, 2*192MHz/60HZ


Extended Memory Card Not Support
Heart Rate VC30F
Blood Oxygen VC30F
Blood Pressure Support
Barometer Not Support
Geomagnetism Not Support
Body Temperature Not Support   
G-Sensor Support
Compass Not Support
Gyroscope Not Support
ECG (Electrocardiogram) Not Support
Resolution 412*412
Mode Full-screen touch
IC BL6133
Process G+F
Glass Material CsG
Battery 300mAh polymer
Certifications/Safety Regulations MSDS/UN38.3 certified
Charging Mode 2-pin magnetic base
Charging Time 3 hours
Buttons Number: 1 (support one knob)
Specification: with encoder
Vibration Support
Specification: cylindrical motor
Microphone Support (waterproof MIC)
SPK Support
Usage Time 7-10 days (turn on BT, raise hand to light up the screen)
Standby Time  20 days
Waterproof IP67
Language  Simplified Chinese, English, etc. (default English)
Workout Mode Running, Walking, Cycling, Hiking, Yoga, Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Treadmill, Dynamic Cycling (100+ kinds)
Mõõtmed 15 × 10 × 8 mm


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