TD26 veekindel Children’s GPS Fixed Position kaasakantav Watch – sinine

Tasu kolme võrdse maksena 3 x 31.55


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TD26 Waterproof Children’s GPS Fixed Position Mobile Phone Watch – Blue
  • IP68 depth waterproof, private mold products

  • Micro chat function and take photos

  • WIFI+ multiple positioning is more accurate

  • Security warning, electronic fence

  • Super long record and historical track

  • Keep your health in mind, SOS, emergency call

  • Wind ear, remote monitoring

  • Voice intercom, happy to chat non-stop

  • High-definition touch screen, healthy eye care

  • Multiple alarm sets, ultra low health radiation

  • Quadruple positioning, WIFI+GPS+LBS real-time monitoring of children's activity track


  • Material: silicone +ABS

  • Battery capacity: 450mAh

  • Product weight: 135g

  • Screen size: 1.44''

  • Body memory: 64MB

  • Product type: TD26 new waterproof (IP67) watch

  • Language support: only in English/Russian for the time being

  • AP: security guard

  • Positioning system: Wifi+GPS+LBS positioning (multiple positioning)

Mõõtmed 8.5 × 8.5 × 6 mm


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