Laadija Cable magnetiga laadija – Diesel Smartwatch DZT2015/14/12/11/10/09/06/02


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Charging Cable Magnetic Charger Dock Desktop Holder for Diesel Smartwatch DZT2015/14/12/11/10/09/06/02
  • Built-in updated magnetic, the watch is well connected to the charger

  • Small and portable. It makes your smart watch charging become more convenient

  • Built-in protection circuit, over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection

  • Compact and lightweight design, replace the charging stand for home and travel

Compatible with:

  • Diesel Smartwatch DZT2002 DZT2006 DZT2009 DZT2010 DZT2011 DZT2012 DZT2014 DZT2015

Mõõtmed 10 × 9.6 × 8 mm

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