G36 TWS juhtmevaba Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitoring nutikell – must

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G36 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitoring Smart Watch – Black
  • Bluetooth earbuds and smart watch combo, one device two functions

  • The smart bracelet has 24-hour accurate heart rate detection, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, exercise monitoring, mileage, calorie, etc.

  • HD IPS display and dial contents are clearly visible. Important information is clearly displayed, touch operation can be done more convenient

  • Take out the earphone and use it with the bracelet and mobile phone, put it into your ear, and enjoy the pleasing sound quality


Hardware category Describe Remarks
Main chip NRF52832 QFAA
Acceleration sensor Bosch bma421 Bosch 4 series high end hard step count low power sensor
Screen Screen IPS true color screen
Screen size 1.3 inches
Resolution 240×240
Blood pressure Blood pressure measurement support
Dynamic heart rate Exercise heart rate curve support
Touch Screen single touch support
Ambient temperature working temperature  10-50 degrees
Charging (input) Type-C interface plug-in charging, 5V / 100mA support
Watch Bluetooth Bluetooth LE 4.0 support
Output 5V/60MA support
Bluetooth headset Bluetooth 5.0 supports apple and Android systems support
Headphone detection Light sensing in ear detection support
Headset button Support for key tapping, previous song, next song, answer / hang up, Siri support
System software category Describe Remarks
Android system Support Android 4.4 and above Da Fit
IOS system Apple IOS above 9.0 Da Fit
Pedometer/calories support
Sleep monitoring support
Vibrating motor support
Alarm clock reminder support
Call rejection Long press the bracelet to hang up Support (some mobile phones)
Stopwatch support
Multi Sport mode Walking, running, swimming, badminton, football, etc support
Sedentary reminder support
Call reminder / SMS reminder Android, IOS push calls and information content support
Other push SMS, WeChat, QQ, Twitter, Facebook, and other 10 kinds of push, optional all push support
Wechat campaign Join WeChat sports list (customizable private WeChat official account) Chinese language support
Dynamic heart rate Display and analysis of dynamic heart rate histogram support
Remote control photography Click and shake support
Dial selection Three dial options support
Remote control music Control the player to pause the previous and next song support
Air upgrade support
Multi language Firmware language: Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Arabic, Ukrainian support
App languages: Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Korean, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Ukrainian support
Mõõtmed 9.4 × 9.4 × 7.2 mm


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