A63 1.4″ 4G Watch IP67 veekindel Multi-Function Student Watch + Camera Video Calling/Positioning – sinine


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A63 1.4″ 4G Smart Phone Watch IP67 Waterproof Multi-Function Student Digital Watch with Camera Support Video Calling/Positioning – Blue
  • With real-time video calls, mothers can learn about the child’s surrounding environment in real-time through the video, know where the child is and can see the child at any time, and let you feel safer
  • AI intelligent robot, the encyclopedia on your wrist. Listen to it, learn knowledge encyclopedia, listen to English to look up words, Chinese-English translation, Chinese stories, science encyclopedia, etc. It is a small help for the child’s life and a good partner for growth
  • High-definition camera to take pictures, you can record the beautiful moments of life at hand. Take pictures of scenery or selfies, do whatever you want, and you can immediately share them with your friends and relatives
  • Two-way call, free dialing, and unlimited communication with children. Parents can make calls to the watch from their mobile phones, and the watch can also make calls to their parents’ mobile phones
  • Featured functions: AI intelligence, remote monitoring, stopwatch, remote shutdown, electronic fence, class mode, low battery alarm, camera function, SOS alarm, one-key untie, weather forecast, alarm clock reminder, voice chat, IP67 waterproof, free Dial-up, WiFi positioning, video call, dial control


  • Product model: A63
  • Main chip: ASR3601
  • Network standard: Mobile 2G/4G, China Unicom 2G/4G, Telecom 4G
  • Support frequency band: GSM: 900MHz/1800MHz; FDD: Band1/Band3/Band5/Band8; TDD: Band38/Band39/Band40Band41
  • Display screen: 1.4 inch color screen (240*240)
  • Speaker: 0815 generous magnetic speaker
  • Memory: 128Mb + 128Mb
  • Pixel: 30W
  • Product weight: 49.2g
  • Product size: 56 x 44.5 x 15.5mm
  • SIM card: Nano Card
  • Battery: 600 mAh
Mõõtmed 14 × 9 × 8 mm


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